Hosting A Super Bowl Party? 7 Decorating Ideas

Many people host super bowl parties even if their favorite team is not playing.  It is a fun time for everyone to get together, eat, and watch the football game. Below are some ideas on how you can decorate your party to make it even more fun for everyone.

Astroturf Coasters

Purchase enough green astroturf at a hardware store to make coasters for your guests. Use a pair of strong scissors to cut out circles, or you could cut out football shapes for the coasters.

Football Confetti

Purchase football confetti and spread it on the food table. You can find this confetti at many craft stores during this time of the year. If you do not want to purchase it, you can purchase some stock paper in the color of a football, cut out football shapes, and then use a permanent marker to draw lines so it looks like a real football.

Football Field Table Runner

Purchase chalkboard contact paper at a craft store. Lay it out and draw yard lines with a piece of chalk and a ruler. Lay the table runner across a table, and leave out some pieces of chalk. Let your guests draw their own players and set up their own plays on the paper.


Make garland in your favorite team's colors and put them on the wall, around the table, and anywhere else. This garland is easy to make out of tissue paper that can be found at craft stores.

Penalty Napkins

Purchase some small metal buckets, stand up some bright yellow cloth napkins in them, and then use a marker to write "Penalty Flags" on the bucket. Place the buckets on the food table.

Penalty Flags

Purchase several yards of bright yellow fabric, sand, and several rubber bands. Cut the fabric in one square foot size pieces. Put enough sand in the center of each piece to create a small mound, gather the fabric around it, and then secure it with a rubber band. Give a penalty flag to each guest, and they can throw it when they spot a penalty or bad call.

Mason Jar Drinking Glass

Mason jars can be purchased almost anywhere and they are inexpensive. Purchase enough for all of your guests. Cut white electrical tape strips, and place them on the side of the jar in a football stitch pattern. Purchase some festive straws, and you have the perfect glass to fill up with your beverage of choice.

These are just some ideas you can use when hosting a football party. You should also make sure you have a lot of party food, because people love to eat while they are watching the game. Of course, if your favorite team is playing, you may want to skip the party and look into super bowl packages that will let you enjoy the game in-person and in style.