Answers to 2 Common Duck Hunting Questions

There are millions of avid hunters across the country, but there are many different types of hunting that you can do. Unfortunately, many people have not had a chance to experience the small pleasures that come from duck hunting. As a result of this inexperience, there is likely a couple of questions that these people may need answered before deciding whether they want to try this type of hunting. 

When Is It Legally Allowed To Hunt Ducks?

It is no secret that hunting regulations limit when you can legally hunt certain species of animals, and ducks are no different. However, there are many different variables that will determine when you can hunt.

For example, many communities limit the issuance of hunting license for certain species of duck to certain days out of the year. As a result, when you go hunting will largely depend on what type of duck you are after. 

To determine when you can go hunting, you will need to speak with your local game warden or revenue department. These individuals will be able to tell you when you can purchase a duck hunting license, and approximately how much money you should bring with you to pay for it. 

Do You Have to Use Decoys?

One of the most iconic parts of duck hunting is the use of elaborate decoys. These decoys closely resemble real ducks, and they make it easier for you to attract ducks close to your hunting hideout. Unfortunately, they can be extremely expensive to purchase, and there are many hunters that may not want to make this investment until they are completely sure that this is a sport they want to pursue. 

Luckily, this is not a required investment for enjoying a productive day hunting ducks. If you do not have decoys, you will simply need to spend more time in the hideout waiting on ducks to land in your lake. While this method will usually take longer, it can still give you an excellent taste of how fun and relaxing duck hunting can be. 

If you are looking for a new type of hunting experience, duck hunting may be the perfect option for you. However, when you have never done this before, you may not know much about it. Yet, after learning the answers to these common questions, you will be in a better position to decide if this is a type of hunting that you want to give a try.