Your Guide To Choosing Lacrosse Gloves

Lacrosse is becoming more popular throughout the United States. In order to safely participate in this exciting sport, you need access to the right equipment. Gloves play a central role in protecting the hands of lacrosse players, and taking the time to learn how to properly select a pair of lacrosse gloves will ensure that you are able to invest in gloves that will provide the amount of protection you need.


One of the most important factors to take into consideration when selecting lacrosse gloves is your mobility. In order to effectively utilize your stick to score on an opponent, you must have as much mobility in your hands as possible. When trying on lacrosse gloves, look for gloves that allow your wrist to move freely.

If the glove has an adjustable wrist cuff, tighten the cuff to your wrist to ensure you can still move your wrist freely. The glove should extend two to three inches below the wrist to provide maximum protection without limiting mobility.


Proper ventilation can improve your game as a lacrosse player, so it is important to ensure that the gloves you buy provide adequate airflow. As you evaluate potential gloves, be sure that you are checking that the materials used to construct these gloves allow enough air to move freely.

A properly ventilated backhand will keep your hands from becoming too moist inside your gloves, and a ventilated palm will increase your ability to grip your stick. Ventilation not only adds to the comfort of your gloves, but also it helps improve your performance.


The amount of protection you require from your gloves will depend largely on the position you play while on the lacrosse field. Attackmen generally require more protection on the backhand of their gloves than midfielders or defensemen, since they are constantly fending off the stick checks of their opponents.

Try to find a pair of gloves that is lightweight so that you retain mobility but that is heavy-duty enough to withstand repeated stick blows over time.

Investing in the right equipment should be a top priority for any lacrosse player, and finding the right gloves should top your list. Take the time to try on several pairs of gloves at your local sports store to find the pair that maximizes both mobility and protection. When you shop for lacrosse gloves with mobility, ventilation, and protection in mind, you will be able to purchase equipment that keeps you safe while on the field.

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