3 Fun Things to Do in Northbrook During the Winter Season

If you live in Illinois, you know that it can get pretty cold during the winter time. Because of this you may be looking for fun activities that you can do that will help you enjoy the cold and snow instead of dreading it. This article will discuss 3 fun things to do in Northbrook during the winter. 

Play Hockey

If you know of a local ice skating rink, or if you have a frozen pond somewhere near your home, then either or these locations are great for hockey. You can check to see if the ice skating rink has a city hockey team, or you start one of your own.

To get all of the hockey equipment that you are going to need, you can go to a local hockey sports store like Play It Again Sports. There you will be able to find hockey skates, masks, pads, hockey stick and pucks, and anything else that you may need for you and your team members. If you are trying to save money on this equipment, you also have the option of buying it used. 

Hit the Slopes

If you have ever had a desire to try out skiing or snowboarding, the winter time in Northbrook is a great time to do this. There are ski resorts that you can go to in the area that offer day passes, or winter long passes. You will be able to rent all of the gear and equipment that you will need from the resort, or you can purchase your own items if you think this is something that you will want to do on a regular basis.

There are bunny slopes for the beginners, and more advanced slopes for those who are more experienced. There are also going to be ski and snowboard instructors that can help you out if you feel that you need help mastering the basics. 

Go Ice Fishing

If you love fishing in the summer time, then you should definitely give ice fishing a try. It will open up your eyes to a whole new world of fishing, and will allow you to see more of what nature is like during the winter months. To ice fish you will use a specific kind of drill to cut a hole in the ice, and then you will place your fishing line deep within this hole. To keep warm while ice fishing, you can set up a tent on the ice, and go inside of it every so often to warm up.