2 Tips For Decoratively Repairing Small Dings And Cracks On Your Stand Up Paddle Board

If you enjoy spending hot days on the water using your stand up paddle board, you may eventually start noticing small dings or cracks on the surface. While you want to repair them, you may also want to cover them up. Below are two tips for decoratively repairing minor damage on your paddle board.

Hide Small Dings With Waterproof Vinyl Stickers

Small dings can turn into an opportunity to personalize your board with decorative stickers. When selecting the stickers you are going to use, make sure they are made from waterproof vinyl so they will last longer. When choosing the size, make sure they fully cover the ding and at least a quarter of an inch around it.

You will also need epoxy glue for this fix. Since the board's coating is epoxy plastic, the glue will bind to the surface and help prevent further damage because of its hard finish.

Before removing the back of the sticker or applying the glue, lay it over the ding to get an idea of where it will be positioned. Once the epoxy is applied and the sticker is laid, the glue will set quickly and make moving the sticker difficult.

Using the brush that comes with the glue, apply a thin layer over the ding and around its edges. Then, lay the sticker on the glue and press firmly. Repeat the process for any small dings on the board.

Cover Thin Cracks With Colorful Duct Tape

If your board has cracks that are too large for stickers, colorful duct tape can be used. Duct tape comes in a wide variety of colors and designs, allowing you to be creative while you repair and decorate your paddle board.

Although the adhesive on the duct tape is strong, epoxy is also used in this repair to provide a longer-lasting protective cover. It prevents water from seeping into the broken wood that could cause your board to rot from the inside.

Measure the crack and cut off a piece of duct tape, adding one inch to each side to ensure full coverage of the ends. Apply the epoxy to the crack and outer edges, then place the duct tape over the layer of glue. Press down firmly and continue for each crack.

The above tips are meant to repair minor damage to your paddle board. If you have large cracks or splintering, you may want to contact the board's manufacturer, such as Bic Sup Boards, for suggestions on how to restore your board so you can get back to having fun on the water.