2 Of The Most Important Safety Questions To Ask A Motorcycle Dealer

If you have spent years dreaming of the wind in your face as you drive down the road and no pesky doors around you to get in your way, you may be surprised to learn that asking a few important questions can impact your overall satisfaction with your purchase. That includes how safe you will be on the motorcycle and how much you will enjoy the entire experience. A motorcycle dealer will obviously be able to pair you with a motorcycle, but choosing the right one requires a little extra work.

What Will You Be Using The Motorcycle For?

It is important to note that there are many different motorcycles to choose from. Just because you hear of one or another being the best, heaviest, etc. does not mean it will automatically be the safest. For example, if you will be driving your new bike cross-country, you will need a bigger bike that can haul more.

Even then, minor details that you might not consider, like the presence of an extra tire when you have a blow-out, are not always a consideration. If you are using it to get to work, a commuter special, with its small size and increased gas mileage may be perfect for you.

Closely look at your bike, because unless you buy a bike that has a trailer behind it, you will rarely see a spare tire.Instead, talk to the motorcycle dealer about good alternatives, like aerosol sprays that repair leaks in tires.

What Color Does This Bike Come In?

It is a good idea to re-think your preferences if you are shopping for a slick, understated bike that does not automatically get a lot of attention. The Hurt Report was an in-depth study on motorcycle safety that was published in 1981. Despite an ongoing need for a new edition, a new one has not yet been released. However, the statistics provided then have been very illuminating to drivers all over the world and should be considered any time a new motorcycle is being considered.

It turns out that you want your motorcycle to get as much attention as possible when you are driving it. That study established that drivers of standard automobiles are less likely to see you and therefore, many accidents occur needlessly. Their oversight may result in an accident because they violate the right-of-way that a motorcycle might otherwise have in a specific situation. Although nobody is suggesting that all motorcycles should now be sold in pink and yellow exclusively, a little extra color to get another driver's attention could save your life.

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