Skydive For Mental Health

Even those with no real inclination to skydive have to admit that it looks thrilling. You are flown high into the sky, and then you jump, alone or in tandem, and float to the ground supported only by fabric and air. Skydiving seems counter-intuitive to survival and good health. In fact, skydiving provides some excellent health benefits, so you should consider strapping on a parachute and giving it a try.

Risk Taking

Although skydiving is perceived as a risky sport, its safety numbers have improved drastically. In 2014, skydivers jumped 3.2 million times with only 24 fatalities. This rate is lower than the total of people who die after running marathons, an activity many consider to be arduous but healthy. However, the perception that skydiving is hazardous makes it a positive mental exercise. When you take a risk, your entire being is focused on that activity. You shut out your everyday worries, and everything else seems small in comparison to what you are doing,

You will also benefit physically. The adrenaline rush you get will dilate your blood vessels, delivering more oxygen to your body. You will feel more alert and energetic. Your memory will improve, and your senses sharpen. In short, you will feel better and more alive. 

Facing Your Fears

You may have a fear of heights, as many people do. In fact, three to five percent of the population is believed to share this fear. You may also fear death, as nearly everyone does in some way. Skydiving may represent both fears for you, so jumping will have multiple benefits. Psychologists have found that repeatedly exposing yourself to what you are afraid of lowers or even eliminates the fear. This is not a prescription for foolhardy behavior but a suggestion that you take reasonable steps to address those fears that are holding you back in life. Since your first jump will undoubtedly be in tandem with an instructor, skydiving gives you the chance to start slowly before going solo.

You may believe that skydiving is dangerous, but the risk of death is pretty low. However, the thrill of participating in an act that feels risky has quite a few benefits for your mental health. Skydiving can provide stress relief, an adrenaline rush, and relief from fear. Plus, you will have a fabulous time. If you are looking for a hobby to add excitement to your life while improving your health, you should think about enrolling in skydiving classes