Great Gift Ideas For The Bowling Expert In Your Life

If you have a birthday coming up for a friend or family member that just loves to bowl, here are a few bowling accessories that any expert bowler would enjoy owning. However, before you purchase any of these presents, do a little investigative work and discover what equipment your friend already has and which of these items they have been pining for.

Grip Tape

Every serious bowler needs grip tape. Bowlers wrap grip tape around their thumb in order to help them more easily release the ball. The great thing about this gift is that even if your loved one already has some grip tape, they can always use some more.

Customized Bowling Towel

Bowling balls easily pick up grease and oil from the lanes and from people's hands. In order to ensure that their ball rolls perfectly, especially when your loved on is competing, they are going to need a bowling towel to wipe their ball.

Don't let your loved one wipe their bowling ball down with an old rag from home. Purchase them a high-quality bowling towel that has their name custom embroidered directly on the towel. 

Grip Sac

A grip sac kind of looks like a large hacky sack. It allows the bowler to quickly grip it to get rid of any moisture that has accumulated on their hands. This allows them to have a better grip when they grab their bowling ball.

Skin Patches

Skin patches are an essential item for a bowler's bag. They are basically a one ingredients emergency kit for bowlers. If your loved one starts to develop a blister on their hands while bowling, they can apply a skin patch over the blister so they can keep on rolling.

Shoe Brush

You probably should let your love one pick out their own bowling shoes, since the fit is can vary widely. However, you can purchase a shoe brush for them. A shoe brush allows your bowler to quickly wipe away any debris that is making their shoes stick and preventing them from being able to slide effectively while they are bowling.

Shoe Covers

In addition to a shoe brush, you can also purchase your loved one some shoe covers. That way, when they need to use the restroom or grab some food while bowling, they can easily cover up and protect the bottom of their bowling shoes.

There are many small items that you can purchase for the bowler in your life. A combinations of the items listed above would make a great gift for the expert bowler in your life.

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