3 Ways Newbies Can Prepare For A Mountain Bike Tour

Mountain bike tours are a great way to explore an area while getting fit. As a beginner, it is important that you properly research and prepare for a tour so that you do not overtax yourself and burn out on the experience. To help ensure that you have a good experience with your first few tours, here are some tips for preparing and riding the actual tour. 

Avoid Loading Up on Gear

When shopping for your gear for the bike tour, avoid buying all the newest, high-tech gear the salesperson is suggesting. Not only is it not necessary, but it can weigh you down while cycling, which can make the tour more exhausting for you. 

Keep it simple when selecting your gear. For instance, pack some extra cycling clothes, a set of normal street wear, and any minimal gear that you need to navigate the terrain. Some gear is specifically required for riding in the mountains. For example, a pair of shoes with a flexible toe is ideal for a mountain bike tour because some walking might be involved and the shoe is more comfortable to wear. 

Talk to the leader of the tour to find out what additional cycling gear is recommended.  

Sign Up With an Operator

Although you might be tempted to map out a tour and hit the road yourself, this could be a bad move for a newbie. This is especially true if the path you have selected is not right for someone at your fitness level. 

When you work with a bike tour operator, you can select a tour that is right for your fitness level and also get the support you need to successfully navigate the chosen path. An operator can provide you with invaluable information, such as how to make quick repairs while on the road. 

Practice Skills

Mountain biking requires skills and body conditioning. For instance, when handling your bike, good upper body strength is necessary. To prepare for a bike tour, try working on your conditioning and skills. Weightlifting and attending seminars that are geared towards preparations for mounting biking can be beneficial to you. 

If the bike tour includes camping, you also need to be prepared for that. Basic skills, such as being able to set up a campfire, are essential. 

A mountain bike tour can be a good way to exercise and also serves as entertainment. Although the first few tours might be rough, with time and a consistent effort, you can improve. Work with an operator to learn other ways that you can prepare for the experience.