A Christmas Guide To Making Your Kid A Fisher

If your child has started to express an interest in fishing, Christmas is a great time to set your child up with their own set of fishing gear that is just their size. Your child will be able to fish more easily when they have their own fishing gear that they can handle. Here is what you need to get your child for Christmas in order for them to really embrace the hobby of fishing.

#1 Rod & Reel

The first thing you need to do is purchase a rod and reel for your child. You don't need to invest in an expensive rod and reel, as you are going to need to upgrade your child's rod and reel multiple times as your child grows. An expensive, high-end rod will be a waste of an investment at this point.

When you purchase a rod and reel for your child, you are going to need to know how tall your child is and how much your child weighs. Most children's rods and reel sets include a chart with information about what size of child they are designed for; this information will help you pick the right rod for your child.

#2 Fishing Line

The second thing you need to do is purchase fishing line for your child's rod and reel. Keep in mind that fishing line adds a lot of weight to your child's reel, so make sure that you purchase fishing line that is not really that heavy. Fishing line that is under five pounds will not add too much weight to your child's reel and will be strong enough for any small fish that your child catches.

#3 Tackle Box

Third, purchase a tackle box for your child. Your child will enjoy having somewhere to put their fishing gear that is just their size. You are going to want to purchase the items for the inside of the tackle box as well.

To start with, you are going to give your child hooks for their tackle box. For small fish, your child just needs some small hooks. Next your child is going to need some split shot to make their line heavy enough to sink into the water. Then, you are going to want to give your child a few colorful bobbers. Finally, put a few plastic worms inside of your kid's new tackle box.

All of these supplies should get your child starting on their new fishing hobby. If you want, you can also purchase an outfit for your child to go fishing in as well, such as a fishing vest, pants, and boots. For more information on fishing, consider a fishing charter like Bone Fish Master.