Help Your Novice Fishing Friend by Offering These Suggestions

If you're an avid fishing enthusiast, one of your favorite pastimes is likely a day spent out on the lake with friends as you hope to land the big one. Occasionally, you may invite friends who aren't avid fishing enthusiasts but who are interested in experiencing your hobby. If you think back to your introduction to the sport, you may recall getting frustrated with a lack of progress — and the same may be true for the friends you invite. Fortunately, as an expert, you can provide some valuable advice that will help them enjoy their day — and maybe even catch a photo-worthy fish. Here are some suggestions to share.

Don't Reel In Too Quickly

It's easy for novices to want instant gratification, and they may begin to be discouraged if their lure isn't hit the moment it splashes into the water. A common novice error is to cast and quickly reel the lure back in, only to cast elsewhere in the water. While "cast and retrieve" fishing can indeed work, it isn't ideal in every environment. Sometimes, you need to let the lure sink into the water for a moment to hopefully garner interest from any fish in the area. If your friend is reeling his or her lure into too quickly, suggest that he or she slows down.

Upgrade Your Line

If you're fishing for big fish in a big body of water, your friend's fishing line might not be up to the task. If he or she simply bought a standard rod and reel at the local sporting goods store, it could have light line. This is problematic because if your friend is able to hook a big fish, the fish will often be able to break the line before being hauled in at the edge of the boat. You can help your friend out by loaning him or her one of your reels equipped with heavy line suitable for the conditions.

Take A Moment To Observe

Those new to fishing will often be so eager to put their lure in the water that they don't take the time to be aware of their surroundings. Teach your friend the importance of taking a moment to observe things around him or her. For example, if you're fishing for bass in shallow water, you don't need to cast the minute you approach the desired area. Instead, watch for ripples that suggest a fish has broken the smoothness of the water — and then target your cast in this area.

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