2 Key Aspects To Consider When Choosing A Recreational Vehicle

Whether you call it an RV or motor home, this motor vehicle is designed to provide comfort and living space when hitting the open road for a duration of time. A recreational vehicle can provide amenities such as sleeping and eating quarters, entertainment and more. But how does one make the best selection when choosing their motor home? The best way to do so is to determine your needs, your budget, and what you will be using your new luxury home on wheels for. Here are two major aspects to seriously consider.

1. Decide Whether You Prefer a Towable Trailer or a Motorized Vehicle

Obviously a towable trailer will be hitched to a vehicle and used primarily for camping. If you plan on using your RV primarily for camping, this may be a good beginner's choice. These are referred to as tent trailers and usually come with a pop-up top, or fold down top, ideal for camping excursions. They can be towed with the average family car.

The towables feature amenities such as sleeping quarters and small kitchen. You can have a refrigerator and stove equipped, as well as a furnace and air conditioning unit. If you plan on towing a trailer with a larger vehicle such as an SUV or minivan, you might want to choose a model with a solid top rather than a pop-up top. Both should come equipped with bathroom and shower amenities.

Motorized motor homes or RVs are generalized by Class A, B and C. The class A units are the largest and most luxurious, powered by gas or diesel fuel. These are ideal for traveling full time. Class B models are wide bodied, although more compact. Class C, known as a mini motor home, are more affordable, yet the most compact of all. They are also easier to drive for newbies, being less intimidating than the full sized larger models.

2. Should Your Rent Or Purchase?

If you plan on traveling or camping only on occasion or for vacations only, renting your RV might be the most practical solution. It is also a good option to rent either a towable or motorized model just to get a feel for each and to determine which suits you best. However, if you've already owned or rented either model and you know the basics, and you will be traveling full time or extensively, you might want to invest in making a purchase or financing your motor home.

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