Why Go To A Dispensary

The medical and mental benefits have been disputed for many years. However, just recently the public has started to see that most states are now acknowledging its numerous benefits. Once illegal in all states, marijuana is now offered for medicinal purposes in many states and it is even legal for public consumption in some. Some people may be used to going to a dealer for their marijuana and be leery about making the change to a dispensary. However, there are a lot of reasons for turning to a dispensary for your marijuana needs if you are one of these people and here are some of them.

Legal consequences

The biggest and most serious reason for you to go to a dispensary is so you can stop committing a crime, especially when there is a completely legal way to accomplish your goal.


When you are going to a dealer for your marijuana, you are going to someone who makes money by committing crimes. This lifestyle means that they are more likely to be committing other crimes and they will have other criminals coming to buy from them, and possibly doing other activities. Therefore, you will be increasing your risk of running into trouble even being around a dealer.

Quality product

When you go to a dealer, you don't know what you are getting. You could end up with marijuana that has a lot of contaminants in it and it may just be of bad quality. When you go to a dispensary, you know that they have taken a very close look at the quality of the product before they accepted it.


Many times, a dealer will charge more than a dispensary would and the product usually isn't even as good. People who have never visited a dispensary may not realize they can actually save money by making the change to a dispensary where they can get more for less.

Regular business hours

When you go to a dealer, you can end up calling them many times before you can reach them and this may even leave you making trips late at night in order to pick up your marijuana. When you switch to a dispensary, you will know what the hours of operation are and you will know that you are always going to purchase your product from the same location, where sometimes a dealer may want you to meet them somewhere else for their convenience.

For more information, contact a dispensary near you.