Rent A Pontoon Boat That Offers These Features

For a family or a group of friends that wants to enjoy a day on the water but that doesn't own a boat, visiting a marina that offers new pontoon boat rentals can be a good choice. This can be an ideal option because of this boat's versatility. If you like the idea of traveling around the water and enjoying the sights while perhaps having a picnic, a pontoon boat is something to pursue. Many marinas have several types of pontoon boats available, so it's a good idea to inquire about the different models to ensure that you rent one that will suit your group's needs. Here are some features to look for in your rental.

Canvas Enclosure

While some pontoon boats have an open design, others have a canvas enclosure. You'll find certain boats that have a canvas enclosure over the back half of the vessel and other boats where the enclosure covers almost all of the boat. Having at least a partial enclosure is a good choice. While you might not plan to rent a boat on a rainy day, weather can be unpredictable. A sudden downpour while you're out on the water won't be as much of a worry if you and your group can gather under the enclosure. Additionally, it's valuable as a source of shade on sunny days.

Changing Curtain

Swimming can be tempting when you're renting a pontoon boat for a day on the water. If swimming is on the agenda, you'll want to rent a boat that has a ladder that swimmers can use to get back on the boat. Another feature that you might not think about is a changing curtain. This is a pop-up curtain that creates a small changing room in one part of the boat. People who don't want to stay in their wet bathing suits after swimming can slip into this space for privacy and change into dry clothes.

Cooking Amenities

While you can pack a cold picnic to enjoy with your group, it can also be fun to cook while you're out on the water. If this idea appeals to you, you'll want to rent a pontoon boat that has a few cooking amenities. Some higher-end boats have a small grill, as well as a sink and mini fridge. Each of these features can be desirable if you're planning to do some grilling of hot dogs, hamburgers, or other fare for your guests.