Why A Golf Teaching License Is More Than Just A Resume Builder

Golf is one of the most popular sports across America and with millions of people participating in it every year, it is no wonder that so many people see golf teaching as a good avenue for work. After all, if you like golf and know that you are pretty good at spotting flaws in other people's games, then why not go that extra step and figure out how to help them and earn some money while you do it. To that end, many see a golf teaching license as something they have to get simply for the sake of it, but it is much more than that. Here is how a golf teaching license can really help elevate you as a mentor.

Identifying How Your Student Learns

You will never find two golfing students that are exactly the same. Everyone has their own little preferences and ways they decipher the information. Some just take a lot of practice and constant reinforcement of what they are doing wrong. Others need to see what they are doing wrong through a picture or video before they understand. Whatever the case may be, finding out what type of learner your student is will be vital in ensuring that they can grow as a player under your mentorship.


At the end of the day, golf should be fun for everyone involved, as it is a game. Sometimes this fact can get lost as a teacher, and if you are not careful you can create an environment that your students simply don't want to go back to. Figuring out how to make your lessons fun for all ages is important in getting return customers who enjoy spending time with you, as it is a very social job after all. A golf teaching license will help make you remember to refocus and make sure everyone in your tutelage is enjoying themselves.

When To Progress

Rather than just teaching your students the same thing over and over again and getting frustrated that they aren't getting it, sometimes it is important to understand when to move on past weakness and focus on something else. Of course, you can come back to this in the future, but not getting too bogged down in something is crucial to making sure your clients don't start to get overly frustrated and angry. There are many ways to teach someone how to improve their golf game and it is necessary to know when to move on!

Contact an organization like International PGA for more information about golf teaching licenses.