How To Choose The Best Pistol Silencer

If you want to buy a pistol silencer for the first time, then you need to make certain decisions about the type of silencer you choose. Your silencer will affect the way your gun feels and works. What do you need to think about here?

Your Pistol's Caliber

If you don't buy the right size of silencer for your pistol, then it simply won't fit correctly. For example, if you have a 9mm handgun, then you need a 9mm silencer. So, as you start searching for products, keep your caliber in mind.

The Silencer's Size

Different silencers create different effects. For example, a longer and wider silencer should suppress sound more effectively than a shorter or thinner model. If this matters to you, then it's worth investing a little more in a bigger silencer. If you simply want basic suppression, then a regular silencer will do the job you need.

The Silencer's Weight And Material

A silencer's size and its material can affect its weight. This is an important factor. If you don't want to add too much weight to your pistol, then you should look for lighter materials. For example, titanium and aluminum silencers are relatively light, while steel models tend to be heavier.

However, weight is just one aspect of your material choice. Sometimes, silencers made from lightweight materials are cheaper than the norm; however, they also might not be as robust as you need them to be. For example, they might not be able to cope with sustained rates of fire. Or, they might break down relatively quickly.

You might need to juggle weight and material quality here. You don't want to buy a silencer that doesn't work for your shooting needs; however, you also don't want to have to replace the silencer too often as this will increase your costs.

The Silencer's Attachment Method

If you want to buy a traditional silencer, then look for models which twist on your pistol. However, this isn't the only attachment you can choose. Some silencers can now snap onto guns.

Your choice here is down to personal preference. However, you might find that a snap-on product is faster to get on to a gun. If you can, try both types of models in a gun shop to see which one is easiest to use and which one you like best.

For more advice on choosing the right pistol silencer, talk to gun shop specialists.