Ensure That Your Playground Offers These Access Methods

When children are enjoying time on a play structure, they'll often use the slide to get from the top of the structure down to the ground. While you'll always want to choose a structure that features a slide, you should also give thought to the various ways that children will be able to gain access to the structure from the ground. A lot of backyard playgrounds have stairs that kids can use, but there are additional options that can be more fun for children of all ages. Here are some additional access methods that you'll want to look for.


While younger children may use the stairs to get to the top of a play structure, those who are a little older will enjoy more of a challenge. This challenge can come in the form of a ladder, which can be a fun way to get onto the structure. You'll find all sorts of ladder options available. Some ladders use metal bars, while others use chains or ropes. The latter styles in particular can offer a fun challenge because they swing and sway under the weight of any child who uses them. Kids will enjoy practicing climbing these ladders as quickly as possible.

Climbing Wall

Another option that can give kids a fun way to get onto their play structure is a climbing wall. These walls are equipped with a number of hard, bulbous devices that are known as climbing holds — much like what you'd find at a rock climbing center. The children will grab the climbing holds with their hands and step on them as they climb. Play structure climbing walls are generally positioned on a slight incline rather than being perfectly vertical, and will frequently have ropes mounted at the top that children can use for stability as they climb. On many structures, the climbing holds appear in different colors to offer a fun look for kids.


You'll also find play structures that are equipped with ramps. This feature can provide easy access for children of all ages, including those who may have mobility issues that affect them being able to get onto the structure through other access methods. Some ramps are straight, while others have a zig-zag pattern that helps to reduce their steepness. These ramps are typically equipped with railings, which can make them safe to use. Learn more about the many access methods for play structures by visiting a backyard playground equipment dealer.