Creating A Gun Reloading Gift Basket For A Picky Man

Shopping for some men can be impossible. Knowing that they have everything that they really want, and not knowing enough about what they need leads to yet another gift card in a silly card. This year, how about surprising the firearms lover in your life with everything he needs to reload ammunition to make his hobby more affordable? Here, you'll learn a few things that you should include in the starter kit to ensure safety and efficiency in the process of reloading ammunition.


First and foremost, you want to ensure that he will know how to complete the process from beginning to end safely. To do this:

  • Purchase a beginner's guide to reloading ammunition.
  • Bookmark videos that are detailed and created by knowledgeable people.
  • Look into safety and reloading courses at your local gun range or store.


Safety equipment should always be worn when reloading ammunition. Purchase things like:

  • Safety glasses or full face shield.
  • Quality work gloves that are thin enough not to limit flexibility.
  • A work surface or surface cover that can easily be kept clean.

Case Tumbler

After a shell is spent, residue remains inside. Sure, you could spend time washing each individually, or you can pick up a tumbler. This machine works much like a rock tumbler. It rolls the shells inside the unit and shakes the debris out of the deepest points of the shell.

Reloading Press

When it comes to the reloading press, you'll have three main options: single, turret, or progressive.

  • Single presses are as described, they only press a single shell at a time.
  • Turret presses can do several shells at a time, but they do cost a bit more than a single press.
  • Progressive presses are for more experienced reloaders, as it's more difficult to control accuracy during the press.

Quality Scale

Accuracy means everything when reloading ammunition. Because of this, you will need a quality scale to ensure the amount of powder being loaded into the shell is consistent and the appropriate weight. Too much, or too little can result in unreliable, and possibly unsafe, ammunition.

There are several other things that can be purchased to perfect the reloading process. Things like calipers, dies, funnels, primers, bullets, and so on. This will get you started in creating the gift basket that any man who loves to shoot firearms will appreciate. This will surely be one gift that he won't return and will keep on giving for many, many years.

Visit a local firearms store to learn more about gun reloading supplies.