Choose A Boat That Has These Swim Platform Features

A swim platform is a desirable feature to have on your boat. If you plan to swim with your family and friends, this platform at the stern of the boat will make it easy to get in and out of the water. Lots of different boats have swim platforms, but if you view this as a must-have feature when you're shopping for a boat, you'll want to compare different boats to see how their swim platforms vary. While some swim platforms have a basic design, one that has these higher-end features can be ideal.

Two Levels

Standard swim platforms on many boats are just one level, and while this design can work well, you'll also see vessels that are equipped with two-level swim platforms. In addition to offering more square footage to accommodate more people at the same time, a swim platform that has two levels can be ideal for those who aren't actively swimming. For example, if your kids are swimming and you want to sit and watch them, you can sit comfortably on the upper level with your feet on the bottom level of the platform. This option is more comfortable for many people than sitting cross-legged on a one-level platform.


Another feature that you'll often see on two-level swim platforms is cushioning. This is a feature that will dramatically improve comfort for those who sit in this area. For example, you'll often see designs that feature a number of built-in cushions behind the upper platform. Some designs even have cushions on the sides of the upper platform. This means that if someone wants to lounge on the platform and relax while others swim, they'll be able to do so in comfort.


You'll see some two-level swim platforms that have built-in storage space, which is a feature that you'll likely appreciate every time you're out on the water. The exact design of the storage space can vary. On some boats, you'll fold up the cushions to reveal storage space behind them. Having this space next to the platform allows you to conveniently store all sorts of items, including life jackets and recreational devices. This is better than having these items loose on the boat deck or keeping them in a storage space that isn't as close to the platform. Keep swim platforms in mind when you shop for a new boat at a local dealership.

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