Getting The Right Hunting Rifle For Your Tween

Buying a hunting rifle for your tween can be daunting. You want to make sure that you get the right rifle for your tween so they can learn the proper techniques and stay safe while hunting. Here are four key things to look for when purchasing a hunting rifle for your tween.

Fit and Comfort 

The fit of a hunting rifle is key when it comes to shooting accuracy and safety. The wrong size or weight of a rifle can be uncomfortable and difficult to manage, leading to unsafe practices or poor aim. Also, make sure you look for a gun with an adjustable buttstock, as this will allow you to customize the length of pull (the distance from the trigger to the back of the stock) so that it fits your tween's body type and arm length now and as they age.

Safety Features

Look for rifles that feature automatic safeties and hammer blocks that will ensure safe handling practices by your child. Additionally, talk to your child about proper gun safety procedures before they begin using their new firearm. It's also important to have regular conversations with them about responsible gun ownership and to be aware of their surroundings while hunting or shooting.

Caliber and Cartridge Size

The caliber and cartridge size are two important factors when choosing a hunting rifle for your tween. If they are just getting started, .22lr is a good choice since it is lightweight and easy to handle. However, as your tween becomes more comfortable with their firearm and learns how to shoot accurately, you may consider moving up in caliber depending on what kind of game you plan on pursuing.

Durability and Weight

All hunting rifles should be built tough to withstand all kinds of weather conditions and terrain. However, this does not necessarily mean that heavier guns are always better than lighter guns. Heavier guns can sometimes be harder to carry long distances in rough terrain, which could lead to fatigue. Look for rifles made from high-quality materials that are lightweight and won't rust easily. You do not want your tween tired out before they reach their destination.

When looking for a hunting rifle for your tween, make sure you know what features are most important for your young hunter when making your purchase decision. By taking into account the fit, safety features, caliber and cartridge size, and durability of the rifle, you should be able to pick one that is just right.